Klezmer Aerobics: The NYC Commuter Workout

Are you tired of watching throngs of commuters stumble down the sidewalk as they stare down into their fancy-pants smartphones? Do you need something to give a zest to your daily trek to the dower of dreck ? 80s Klezmer Aerobics has a tape for you! Here’s a little preview:

Klezmer Aerobics? A Note on Choreography

4a28b8ed7f1ea_4619nResearch for this show has required substantial Delorean-style time-travel. I’ve been digesting videos – 80s Aerobics competitions, Richard Simmons workout tapes, as well as various forms of Jewish and klezmer dance from old Yiddish films and modern day Chassidic weddings. In the course of my choreographic journey I had the incredible opportunity to take master classes with Steven Lee Weintraub. If you have not heard of him, let me say this: Weintraub is a superb dancer and Read more

80s Klezmer Aerobics…

80s Klezmer Aerobics premiered in 2015 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina at the Kehillah Synagogue. The creator of 80s Klezmer Aerobics, Rabbi Daniel Brenner, was serving as the scholar- in- residence for the weekend and he led the Hebrew School students, teen volunteers, teachers and parents in a Sunday morning workout. Documentary filmmakers Darryl and Mary Ann Freedman were there to capture the fun.