Klezmer Aerobics Takes Manhattan!


Folks from all over New York City and beyond shvitzed with Klezmer Aerobics at the JCC of Manhattan at 2AM! People ranging in ages from their 20s to their 70s danced in the wee hours with us as part of the Paul Feig Z’L Tikkun Leil Shavuot Program. Thank you to all the people who stayed up past the David Broza session and joined us for the shvitz!

And a special thank you to Debra Caplan, Craig Levine and Ben Weiss of Midnight Nosh for the live music! Check out Midnight Nosh!

Out of respect for the religiously observant folks who were participating in holiday festivities that night (some of whom came to Klezmer Aerobics!) we did not film the show…but one of our friends captured this scene from the floor above the gym!



Kimani Fowlin to co-lead Klezmer Aerobics at Art Kibbutz/FIGMENT NYC



NY choreographer and African Diaspora dance specialist will join Klezmer Aerobics to lead participants as part of Shvitz! The Klezmer Aerobics Experience hosted by Art Kibbutz on Governors Island  

Fowlin will be serving as Aerobics Dance Consultant for Klezmer Aerobics. She is an instructor of dance at Rutgers University, Drew University, and various schools in her native New York.

Selected excerpts from her official Drew University biography:

Kimani Fowlin is an internationally recognized dancer, choreographer and educator.

She has performed and/or choreographed for Ronald K. Brown, David Rousseve, Youssouf Koumbassa, Andrea E. Woods, Souloworks, M’Zawa Danz, Umoja Dance, Harambee Dance Company and Antibalas.

She has been a Rutgers University Mason Gross Dance faculty member for more than 17 years, and teaches dance residencies throughout New York City for organizations such as the Brooklyn Academy of Music; DreamYard Project; Community Works; and Urban Arts Partnership. As an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Fowlin teaches and organizes events for Crunch in New York City. She is also the dance consultant and collaborator for the prestigious Cathedral Arts Program in Jersey City, and serves as an advisory council member for the Field Leadership Fund. Fowlin received her MFA from the University of Wisconsin.

Here is a clip from a class Fawlin teaches at Rutgers University:

More about the event:

Art Kibbutz is a volunteer-driven Jewish artists’ community, residency, and a hub that offers 70+ artists of all mediums, ages, backgrounds, nationalities, and affiliations opportunities to explore universal issues through a Jewish artistic lens in its summer studios on Governors Island, NYC.

The Art Kibbutz will have Open Studios for FIGMENT NYC beginning on June 5th at 11AM. Come to the Island and check it out! The event is FREE and will be at Nolan 6B. More information can be found here.


Limmud NY- the 80s Klezmer Aerobics experience


Dancers from age 3 to age 89 shvitzed together at the Limmud NY 2016 conference at the Hilton Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut. In the crowd were teenagers, young adults, 40-somethings, 50-somethings, 60-somethings, 70-somethings, and two octogenarians who definitely know how to get down! Gerty, age 89, who is seated and waving her hands in this video clip, was up and dancing at both the beginning and end of the show! And she served as the unofficial stage crew when she helped with a dangerous shoelace situation with a certain pair of Reebok pump sneakers. Wonderful music by Midnight Noshers Debra and Craig made this an extra special performance.

Susan Salwen, one of the participants and a longtime volunteer leader in Limmud said:

“I’ve been to twelve Limmud conferences and this was the most fun I have ever had at a Limmud conference!”

David Wolkin, former Executive Director of Limmud NY, said on Instagram:

“80s Klezmer Aerobics is the best thing I’ve ever seen in a Jewish space, ever.”

Thanks for the love, Limmudniks!

Klezmer Aerobics: The NYC Commuter Workout

Are you tired of watching throngs of commuters stumble down the sidewalk as they stare down into their fancy-pants smartphones? Do you need something to give a zest to your daily trek to the dower of dreck ? 80s Klezmer Aerobics has a tape for you! Here’s a little preview:

Klezmer Aerobics? A Note on Choreography

4a28b8ed7f1ea_4619nResearch for this show has required substantial Delorean-style time-travel. I’ve been digesting videos – 80s Aerobics competitions, Richard Simmons workout tapes, as well as various forms of Jewish and klezmer dance from old Yiddish films and modern day Chassidic weddings. In the course of my choreographic journey I had the incredible opportunity to take master classes with Steven Lee Weintraub. If you have not heard of him, let me say this: Weintraub is a superb dancer and Read more

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